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The Story

picture of bookThe Limbus of the Moon is a feel-good adventure about two young people, in dead end careers, who meet in Chicago in an extraordinary way and get caught up in an eccentric, and possibily delusional, man's search for the most poisonous sea anemone in the world and the medicines it may yield.

That search takes them to a remote fish camp in the Florida Keys, an exotic island in the Straits of Florida, and the mountaintop home of a fabulously wealthy Chinese shipping magnate in Vancouver, British Columbia. Then, on the sailboat of an adventurer obsessed with coral reefs, they search the remote islands and reefs of the Western Caribbean, where they come upon the most isolated and forbidding little prison ever built.

Along the way, they encounter some very personable Triad members and a few very unpersonable pirates, and they learn that what they are searching for is someplace it cannot possibly be.

The Book

This is a privately published, hardback, Smyth-sewn, 368 page, novel, not a paperback.

One store in Naperville Illinois carries the book at this time. It isOswald's Pharmacy at 88 West Gartner Rd. If you can't get it there, it's extremely easy to buy the book right on this site.

How to Buy

Simply click the Buy Now button and you will go to a Pay Pal page just for this book. They take credit cards and virtually all forms of payment. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO MAKE THE PURCHASE. Then, you will receive the book by U.S. Media Mail in one to seven days.

The price of the book is $24.95, but handling and shipping within the continental United States FREE, so that's all you pay. If you are an Illinois resident, however, Pay Pal will collect and I will dutifully pay Illinois sales tax. Email me for foreign orders or for multiple copies. There is a special price for book clubs that order multiple copies in the same package. If this is a GIFT just put the recipient's name and address in the "Message to Seller" box and it will be sent directly to them. Email me if you want to include a note with the book.

The Story

This is a multi-layered story about the complex relationships that determine what constitutes a family. It's a story about regaining time and dreams that seem lost forever, and how far the limbus, or boundary, of the moon may extend for those who seek to regain them. I sincerely hope you enjoy it If you do, please tell your friends. If, after you read the book, you have questions or would like to know a little more, here are some NOTES